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You can get an idea of your bra size by following these three steps. Note that the result of these steps may not be 100% accurate as there can be inconsistencies in measuring for small busts, but it helps in narrowing down your sizing options.

  1. To get your band size, wrap a tape measure snugly around your torso below your bust and take your measurement in inches. Make sure that the tape is horizontally level on the back and in front. If your measurement is an odd number, round it off to the next even number.
  2. To get your bust size, wrap the tape measure lightly around your torso and position the tape on the fullest part of your bust. Take your measurement, again, in inches. 
  3. To get your cup size, subtract the result of Step 1 (your band size) from the result of Step 2 (your bust size). If there is no difference, your cup size is AA. If the difference is 1 inch, your cup size is A. If the difference is 2 inches, your cup size is B. If the difference is 3 inches, your cup size is C.

The results of Step 1 (your band size) and Step 3 (your cup size) put together, is your bra size.



Knowing your true size can be tricky as a woman's body may change without considerable signs. On top of that, everyone has a different shape and every clothing brand has their own sizing standards. Hence you do not have an absolute size when it comes to bras. The best way of finding a good bra is to try it on. Here are the signs of a well-fitting bra:

  • It feels comfortable on the sides of the cups and on the centre front. It is not digging into your busts. If it is digging in, you need to go a cup size larger.
  • It sits comfortably against your neckline. It does not make your busts bulge out or potentially expose the contents of the bra. If the latter applies, you need to go a cup size smaller.
  • It looks horizontally straight and even at the back. If the band is riding upwards and you can pull the band away from your body for more than 2 inches, you need to have a smaller band size.
  • It feels snug even if fastened on the loosest hooks.
  • Its straps support the cups snugly and does not dig into your shoulders or slide off.

Sometimes, to get the best results, you may have to increase your cup size whilst decreasing your band size, or vice versa. If you so happen to have ordered the wrong size bra, we would happily replace it with another size. Clients based within the United Kingdom may replace a product free of delivery charge on the replacement size.