The Label

The name 'Meg at Midnight' was inspired by a German story called The Worn-out Dancing Shoes by the Brothers Grimm. It is about twelve princesses whose shoes were worse for wear in the mornings as if they had been danced in all night. Their father, the king, promised the kingdom to any man who would discover his daughters' secret. It is at midnight that the ladies wore their best clothes and enjoyed themselves. They would walk through grove of trees with leaves made of silver and gold and diamonds, and danced with their princes through the night. Like a well-made lingerie, the vivid story of The Worn-out Dancing Shoes fills one's imagination and encourages desire for adventure and beautiful things.

Meg at Midnight is a designer lingerie for the smaller busted woman.  It is an intimatewear for the modern woman who feels good about her body as much as it is for the woman who has yet to discover herself. It aims to inspire love for petite bossoms and celebrate the women at the heart of  the label.


Meg at Midnight is a promising niche label of intimatewear based in London. Our vision is to be the global leader in designer lingerie for women with smaller busts. We want to offer an enjoyable online shopping experience that our customers will value; an experience that defines luxury, because we believe that true luxury is beyond price.

We are looking for creative and passionate people who understand the importance of maintaining a standard, may it be in our products, presentation, or services. In return, we offer a friendly working environment, staff benefits and career growth.